Malcolm GrrArgh

Half-Orc Alchemist, In noble pursuit of a higher intelligence for all of Orc-kind.


“It really was a ridiculous idea” said Malcolm as he sipped the still steaming tea. “I mean honestly, correcting thousands of years of evolution with one generation of breeding, it just is not possible. I can appreciate father’s endeavor for I was born of it, that is a success for sure, but surviving through adolescence in the tribe was a far more amazing success.” Malcolm smiled, “I really was something special to be raised amongst those brute and survive with some bit of decency intact.”

Content Not Found: Jurst listened on, fighting the urge to roll his eyes. Jurst had found that the apprenticeship he had taken up with Malcolm offered equal parts learning and hot air. Malcolm continued, “Something far more drastic must be harnessed to correct centuries of poor upbringing. Indeed, through my noble science I will create the spark to push the Orc beyond the bestial confines of their current psychological state.”

Malcolm stood up at this part; he always stood up at this part. Jurst could play the scene in his mind before it happened. Malcolm would speak louder, he would look up and to the right then he would punctuate his statement by removing his spectacles.

“This spark created by one Malcolm GrrArgh will be the breakthrough spoken about for ages, future Orc scholars will adorn their homes with my likeness, and Orc children that go to a proper school will be taught of my discovery allowing my achievement to inspire for an eternity.” At this Malcolm pulled his spectacles from his face and glanced at seemingly nothing it the upper right corner of the room. Clearing his throat Jurst used the moment of silence to waylay his mentor “As great as all of that sounds, haven’t you only discovered the true feral nature of the Orc blood. Perhaps this spark simply is not possible.”

Malcolm returned his glasses to his face, and took another long gulp from the quickly cooling tea cup. “I believe the lab is running dangerously low on rust monster excrement, why don’t you see to that while I get the fire going in here. Remember gathering the proper ingredients is a most important part of alchemy.”

Malcolm GrrArgh

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