Rylanna Salbael


Rylanna Salbael was living within the Verduran Forest for many years as one of the border guardians of the Wildwood Druids. Her duties were to restore her sections of the forest each time it is logged by the Lumber Consortium. Rylannna would weeks at a time in the wilderness, praying over destroyed trees and re-homing displaced animals. Honey, her badger companion, kept watch to alert of any intruders, and together they managed to survive encounters with river pirates, consortium workers, and even escaped from a dragon.

One day, she received a message to return to the lodge. Lyas Kersaltria, one of the Druid elders informed her of strange news. Demons had broken through a portal from another dimension. Rylanna must travel to this location and seek out any way she could to return nature’s harmony! Lyas was certain this was Rylanna’s higher destiny.

Rylanna and Honey set out immediately.

Rylanna Salbael

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