Seven foot tall Half Orc fighter with a smell that would make a goat puke.


Soturi means Warrior in Finnish

Soturi is a Half Orc fighter. He stands 7 feet tall and weights 300 pounds. His skin is a mixture of green, yellow, and brown colors. Some of the colors are from dirt, puss, and other creature’s blood. Soturi is very muscular Half Orc to the point of being a freak. He doesn’t care about helping anyone until his life is at stake. Soturi loves watching destruction. If a building is on fire, he will watch it burn until it collapses into a pile of rubble.

Soturi wears chain mail with a beautiful silver breastplate that’s in pristine condition. He bought this breastplate from a great fighter and is very proud of it. When it is scratched or damaged, Soturi get’s very angry and his adrenaline spikes causing him to go into a fighting rage. His weapon of choice is a cleaving greataxe. Soturi’s greataxe is battle worn with missing chips of metal and scratches from clashing with swords, axes, and other weapons.

Soturi has many scars and open wounds that seem to never heal. The open wounds have a greenish puss that drains out when his skin is stretched or aggravated as when fighting. The green puss has a smell that reminds one of rotten food, garbage, feces, and smelly feet. It’s enough to bring an adult human to his knees.

The teeth of Soturi seem to be in great condition, but reek of rotting flesh due to the meat left in between each tooth. His breath is unbearable to most races. As Soturi speaks, saliva sprays from his mouth in all directions and he seems not to care.


Soturi was found wandering into town with a lost look on his face. He seemed to be looking for the rest of his army. Soturi is experiencing a temporary memory loss due to a magic elixir that was given to him and the rest of his squadron. The leaders of Soturi’s squadron were promised by a wizard that the elixir would give the group enhanced fighting abilities and extreme strength. It backfired…all of the Half Orcs went into a fighting frenzy and began killing each other. The leaders had no way of controlling their army while in this frenzied state. When they tried to stop the fighting, the leaders were instantly overtaken and violently killed. The army continued fighting all night until only two Half Orcs were left…Soturi and Crothu. Exhausted from the continuous fighting, they only had enough strength for one more attack. Both Half Orcs took one last swing of their axes. Their hands could not hold the axes firmly and the blunt side of each axe smacked the side of their heads. The force of the impact knocked both of them out for days. When Soturi awakened, Crothu was nowhere to be found. He couldn’t remember exactly what happened, but knew something wrong had occurred. Soturi started walking until he found a road that headed towards Artanis.


The Ravaging tsantini