Unt GatSiip (DEAD)

Gnomish Dog Rider


Head exploded after consuming demonic blood inside worm.


“Listen to me Unt, in the human cities it is called a Donkey Show” said Enis excitedly. “I mean you mount Ock all the time I think you should let him be on the other side of things for a change” Enis was of course referring to Unt’s trusty dog. Unt was homely, gnome homely, so while a strange idea this “donkey show” it may be the only action Unt would ever see. It would certainly be the only way anyone else would want to see her.

After a bit more discussion and a few test runs, Unt and Ock were ready for a new life as performers. Work had been hard to come by and some silver in the palm would do Unt good, at thirty pieces a show this was going to be quite a lucrative venture. Enis met with his friends Ang and Ildo and worked out a location. Ildo’s Uncle Nus would let them in the back entrance of his shop and clear out space in his storeroom allowing them to pack in as many paying customers as possible.
They soon discovered that there was no end to what people wanted to see Unt and Ock do. Even Critics were giving the show a good nod with quotes like “It fulfills morbid curiosities you did not know you possessed”, “We now know what The Tomb of Horrors was all about” and “Unt is all over that thing like a mindflayer on a brainbeast”.

With the money earned Unt wanted to increase her appearance for her fans. She purchased a beautiful circlet that was magically enchanted to bestow beauty. Naughty Gnome Weekly editor Elattcio said “On the standard ale scale, Unt went from two barrels to twelve tankards after a bad day.” Attendance began to wane shortly after, perhaps the hideous gnome beast that Unt was played more into the show than even she realized.

Shortly after the show went under Unt was approached by Crotum the leader of the Hunter’s Guild. He was impressed by Unt’s animal handling and acrobatics. He trained her in the arts of the guild knowing that her appearance was one that does well alone in the wilds, away from the eyes of man.

While Unt misses Enis, Ang, Ildo, and that special back entrance to Uncle Nus, she needs to first find herself. So with the help of Ock, Unt is ready to open herself up to the whole world.

Unt GatSiip (DEAD)

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