The Great Sundering, a fabled time where the once whole world was torn asunder as the Storm Giant Kurn battled the Wyrm Gilgamesh.

Exert of a Dwarven History Book concerning Storm Giants:

One morn he was born, at the top of the world, lightning in hand from birth
The rumble of the storm filled the new born with glee, and peace, and mirth
Mother and Father stood beside their daughter, awaiting a name from the storm
The name he earned was that of Kern, and that was just the day he was born

Excerpt from the Ballad of Kern:

Dark was the night when it was time to fight the dark Wyrm Gilgamesh.
The anger of Kern was set to burn like the old Wyrm’s victim’s flesh.
Wished friends good-bye, and if tonight he died, It would only be after the dragon’s end!
With the Hammer of Jart, and justice in heart, old Mount Moirai He did ascend.

The sting of hail, and the dragons wail led Kern on through the fog.
The stone of sacrifice, covered with much lost life, left Kern’s head agog.
And the path was rough, but Kern was tough and he continued his dangerous climb.
The chanting increased, as did the roar of the beast, Would Kern be in time?

At the Mount’s Apex, Kern saw the new necks that Giglamesh had accrued
Now in fact, in addition to black, he was sporting both red and blue
The hammer swung fast and with a mighty blast, disrupted the acolytes
The ritual ceased and the anger increased as they rushed Kern to fight.

The acolytes attacked, But Kern was backed with the anger of the heaven’s storms
While Kern bled, the followers fled as they were smote by boot, and lightning swarms
Where the war began is where Gilgamesh made his stand, upon the Altar of Eternal Sin
With a loud battle cry to those who had died, Kern charged the Demon kin

The land from under was torn asunder as the two titans crashed
The Hammer of Jart split the blue head apart as the Black and Red thrashed
Anger and fire, Corrosion and ire, Assaulted Kern as a counter attack
Though he had not yielded, as his face he shielded Gilgamesh talons tore his back

In the Dragon’s grip Kern began to lift, as those giant wings took to sky
The claws did rip and foul acid dripped, as the titans continued to rise
Punchin’ and fightin’, clawin’ and bitin’, red rain fell from combatants that bled
The Hammer was dropped, but Kern was on top, and summoned a thunder head

A flash and a bang, made the red head hang, and Fear entered the dragons brain
From a fall this high, they were sure to die, But Kern was a giant insane
With both wings pinned Kern entered a spin, with the dragon’s heads pointing down
With the Titan’s girth, Kern would put to earth, this evil starting with its crown

As contact was made, the mountain gave way, as did the surrounding land
The sinking of ground, made an explosive sound, and the rocks were thrown like sand
The world swirled beneath, and the depth increased, and sea began to fill the void
A great ocean was birthed from the crater in the earth, Where Gilgamesh was destroyed


The Ravaging Attipark