Titles and YOU!

There comes a time in an adventurers life where his reputation literally proceeds him. Whether through divine power, force of will, or dumb luck, the titles given to a person seem to be more of a description of their ability rather than a few simple words.

Titles are simple in nature and convey specific attributes to the owner. Titles are generally earned via a characters actions during game sessions but can also be awarded for extensive backstory or per the DM’s discretion. The following rules detail how titles work:

Owning Titles

A character may “own” as many titles as she is able to collect. She however may only have ONE title active at a time. Once a titles is activated, the effects of any other title are immediately lost. Any ongoing effects of an inactive title must be reapplied after the proper title has been activated.

Changing Titles

During an extended rest, a player may opt to swap titles. No special action is required to change titles, except informing the DM. Any effects active from the previously active title are immediately lost and must be reapplied. Any ability, spell, supernatural ability or the like with a finite amount of uses per day or encounter do not refresh when a title is not active. Essentially if the player wishes for any ability associated with a title to refresh, the title must be active.

Available Titles

The Watched Marksman
Voltaic Guru

Titles and YOU!

The Ravaging Attipark